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Virtual Reality has been put under a lot of mediadic attention during the last couple of years. Yes, it is possible to dive in the virtual world, see virtual objects as they were real ones and interact with them. And yes, it is an astonishing experience for the first couple of hours, maybe. But there’s a thing that most VR providers haven’t still correctly considered: space. In order to fully enjoy Virtual Reality, users need a lot of physical space to move in, without getting hurt.

Ultimately, VR is not a technology that can be used in a normal in-house gaming experience. It needs specific places, with at least 100 or 200 square meters dedicated to the players. We are talking about an empty room with the dimensions of a paintball field.

But, there are positive sides. By setting up places like this, players would be in need of being physically together in the room, able to interact one another. Future VR gaming experience will result in something like being in a fantasy world with friends, as a normal night out with them. Therefore, making Virtual Reality a interesting and more attractive substitute to a bowling or Q-zar match.

Here is a video that shows an example of coop-interaction in the Virtual World, with players moving around in an empty room.

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